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The easiest way is to sell what you know! A new business and income streams are right in front of you - it's sharing your knowledge, skills, experience, talents and more!

My course Knowledge Sharing Products teaches you how, step by step, to turn what you already know into a course, workshop, podcast, book, downloadable tools and more.

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You're sitting on a gold mine.

Are you looking for ways to earn a living or an additional income stream:

  • with flexible hours
  • from anywhere in the world
  • doing what you love
  • the easiest way you could ever imagine
  • having more fun than you ever thought possible
  • while you sleep
  • making an impact

If you've googled questions like How do I create a side hustleHow do I create a second revenue streamHow do I create (and sell) an online course, or How do I become a coach or consultant, then this course is for you!

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How does it work?

Discover what you know

People are ready and willing to pay you for the knowledge you have!

Apply Kara's unique product formula developed from her experience making products for 20+ years

Proven strategies to turn what you know into a product & business.

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Easier, faster, and with more freedom than ever before.

"My paradigm shifted, and started think and be in action like an entrepreneur. I made a post about my school, and immediately got three customers interested, and within five mins my first customer Venmoed me! I realized this is happening!!!"

Dale Johnson

This master class is built so you can generate an ROI within weeks of completing the course.

Which means it pays for itself.

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Hi! I'm Kara.


I'm an entrepreneur, business coach, product creator and I want you to know that you don't need to follow the rules  - in fact I would say ditch the rules - to create your extraordinary life. 

We're in a knowledge sharing revolution and never before has it been easier to create your own business or even some extra cash. 

What you know, the skills you have, what you care about, and even the challenges you've faced have prepared you to create a Knowledge Sharing Product that can help someone else. Great news! People are happy and eager to pay you for helping them. 

So what's between you and your new knowledge based business? Figuring out what you know and how to turn it into a product that someone wants to buy. 

That's where I come in.  I've taken my 20 years working in product creation + being an entrepreneur since age 9 and put everything you need to know to go from idea to making money into my Knowledge Sharing Product course. 

This course is built so you can start making money even before you finish it! Don't wait. Start today and start making money ASAP. 


What's Included?

The course consists of 10 powerful lessons with step by step videos and over 90 supporting downloadable tools from worksheets, to guides to checklists to help you be in action ASAP. 

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Discover what you know

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"I used to always struggle with launches, but this course brought me clarity. The way Kara explains it is so simple and straightforward that it made me realize I was constantly overthinking my processes. I realized I’m worth it and that my price is actually low for everything my customer gets. At that moment it all started making sense and I started building."

Nikki Lynn

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"As soon as Kara taught us the secret to formatting our first and other courses I knew this was the course I needed. She basically gave us the framework to make our own course, and all I have to do is adapt it to my course then 'plug n play'."

Josh S.

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