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Do you wish you were working less?

Hi! I'm Kara, an entrepreneur & business coach with an unconventional approach that skips the nonsense and helps you produce results.

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I help entrepreneurs and business owners turn their passions into profits. From starting through scaling your dream business, we skip the noise and implement proven solutions that make your business work. I'll show you how to double your business while having more freedom and fun!


Programs That Create Results

Coaching programs with raving fans and tremendous results for wherever you are on your business journey.

Private Coaching

  • Deep dive into your business strategy to produce next-level results and generate momentum quickly.
  • Led by business coach Kara Duffy, customized one-on-one coaching for you and your business.  
  • Tackle any business challenge or opportunity!
  • Increase revenue, build a team, and launch new products and services.

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Thrive Membership

  • Discover the power of being with your people in this weekly group coaching & community for entrepreneurs.
  • Led by business coach Kara Duffy, you'll join a collaborative and supportive group of business owners.
  • As a member, you'll have access to free business tools,  workshops, and other bonuses.

Join us today, propel your business, and thrive as an entrepreneur!

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Events & Workshops

  • Monthly events revolving around important business and life topics: branding, time management, money and finance, creating momentum, growth mindset, and many more!
  • These monthly events are typically on Zoom, so you can call in from wherever you are in the world.
  • Extra bonus: events like this are an excellent networking opportunity.
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Step into Your extraordinary

In order to live a life of your own design, you have to throw out the map. Discover a plan that works for you.  Prove to yourself that your business can succeed.  See how it can all be simplified to give you more freedom. 

Your dream business and life are waiting for you. What are you waiting for?

Reset and level up your expectations
Stop doing the unnecessary things that are currently on your to-do list
Make new goals in line with what you really want
✔ Create time, revenue, and location freedom
 Implement structures that make your business sustainable and scalable

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Tools to Thrive Now

Free tools to start transforming your business today.

As Seen In:

Los Angeles Times, Webfest Berlin, Authority Magazine, Clark University, Thrive Global
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