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Say “Yes!” to having the business you’ve always wanted and the life you dream about. Are you ready to go from struggling to thriving? Are you looking for more freedom, peace of mind, and time to spend on what you care about? Let’s talk!

Whether you’re a small business looking to grow or one just starting, I’m here to guide you through. If you’re ready to go after your dream life and live boldly, I’ve got you.


“Simple tricks and tools will transform your business and your life so that you can get back to focusing on what you love.”


— Kara Duffy


Your Business: Consulting Services

Each business has unique needs, unique people, and needs a unique approach. Often, however, the questions business owners are asking are the same. How do I start? When can I afford to hire employees or expand? Is it possible to turn this from my side hustle to my primary income source? How can I reduce the busy work to focus on increasing customers, clients, sales? Is it possible to have my dream business and dream life at the same time?

I can guide you through:

  • How to Start & Do it Right

  • New Business Set Up

  • Smart Strategies & Planning

  • Budgeting, Financial Forecasting and Goals

  • Calendar & Goal Mapping

  • When to take on new clients & employees

  • How to choose the right products and how to gain customers

  • Plans and systems to work smarter not harder

  • A Custom 90 Day Transformation checklist

  • Course correcting and so much more!

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Your life: Coaching Services

Everyone knows that to be an elite athlete you need a coach. To be great at something requires an outside perspective that can see the gap between what we want and where we’re at today. The same applies for living your best life. We all ask the same questions - How can I find more time, money, fun, health, sleep, happiness? How can I loose stress, weight, baggage, negativity? What’s my purpose?

I can guide you through:

  • Clarifying what you want

  • Creating a Personal Strategy with Goals & a Road Map

  • Finding Power in your Personal Finances, Budgets & Getting Debt Free

  • Creating the career & business you’ve dreamed of

  • Transforming your interests and frustrations into your opportunity

  • Minimizing the distractions to see your true commitments

  • Being bold enough to go after the live you want

  • Action Plans that Deliver Results

  • Accountability Systems.

  • Inspiration, Motivation and so much more!

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Clients agree there is a way to make success in life & business an actionable plan, fun and scalable!


Kara has proven herself again and again to be a true expert when it comes to looking at my growing small business holistically and giving me the specific stepping stones and tools to create the company of my dreams. She can answer just about any question I throw at her––whether it's about branding, hiring, budgeting and building in work-life balance. She's incredibly reliable, professional and available, which were crucial qualities I was looking for in a business consultant. Working with her is like having a full time business mentor who is truly motivated to see my company flourish, and she's willing to take the care and time to help me get there. I can't recommend her enough!

— Allison Rolfes
owner & Creative director
anr creative group

Kara has made a such a huge impact in our relationship to money and planning. I call her our “Financial Therapist” among other things!  She was our guiding force in the middle of a what we thought was a crisis. My husband and I are left empowered, focused, freed up from the constraints of not knowing and not being in partnership. I highly recommend anyone interested in impacting their financial future to work with Kara. 


This is the first time I’ve had a personal coach and I really enjoy it as Kara is just pure magic.  She helped me understand what my business could be as I was unsure about what to do and needed to clarify and get guidance. Kara knows how to simplify problems, gives me great structure and fresh ideas to link my passions with my business. I feel understood and have a clearer picture of what I want to do and where I’m going. She unlocks potentials and opens doors while bringing me the confidence I lack. I feel empowered and very excited of what my future is going to be and it’s a blessing to have Kara on my side in this journey.

— ADELINE bondu
Owner Yoga with adeline

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Each client receives a custom plan to maximize your results, minimize your costs and have you win ASAP.


Business formation

Setting up your new business. - Business Filing. Guidance on Insurance, Accounting, and Legal needs.  New Business Checklists.

Business strategy

Strategic Document Review & Creation — Bylaws, Business Strategy Deck, 1 Year - 5 Year Plan Review, Client & Investor Presentations. The plans and the map for your business, expansion, and your team.

Financial projections & budgeting

Get the numbers right — Setting your financial goals for the year, quarter, month. Cash flow plans. Budgets. Goals to keep you on track by day, week, month, quarter and year. Financial goals to guide hiring employees, make resource decisions, and have clarity on your true take home.

Product & Marketing

Strategy, Efficiency & Maximization — Review & create Product & Marketing strategies, plans and processes covering product assortment, pricing, sourcing, product development, product design, distribution plans, sales tactics, wholesale, e-commerce, social media, goals, metrics, and how much you should be spending.

Business management & operations 

Streamline How you Do Business — S.O.P.’s (standard operation procedures), Daily Operations Strategies, Workflow, Streamlining the A-Z of your Business for reduced costs and processes to scale for growth, create guides for your team members.

Calendars & milestones 

A Map to Keep Your Team on Track — work-back planning, scheduling and calendar creation to deliver on time and on budget

New Opportunities

Expanding Your Vision — Showing you new opportunities on your doorstep to increase your sales or expand your business and creating a plan to make it happen.

network connection

Connecting You to Gamechangers for Your Business — Whether you need a freelance contractor, an assistant, a designer, a VP or CEO, I connect you to the resources I have that will be perfect fit, help you create job descriptions, and vet candidates.

Life designing

Your vision on paper — Steps to take your dream from idea to reality and creating a map to achieve it; Your Career, Your Peace of Mind, Your Health, More Fun, More Adventure. Don’t know where to start or struggling to find your purpose - great that means we have a clean slate to start creating!

Financial freedom

You can achieve Financial Freedom — Review your current financial position and create a plan that will work for your financial goals - Debt Freedom, Emergency Savings, Budgets, Save for your Dream Home or Vacation, Protecting Your Assets.

Reoccuring Mentorship

Accountability on Your Path — Once a plan is in place, reoccurring conversations to keep you on track, adjust, pivot and provide guidance along the way.

Overcoming hurdles

Where are you Stopped & Stuck? — Identifying and breaking the reoccurring habits and stories that prevent you from achieving your goals.


Transforming Your Time — Guidance and lessons on how your calendar can be your best friend, how you can find extra time in your day, and how you can use your calendar as a tool to give you freedom.

action plans

The Map to Your Life — Use my custom action plans to finally and consistently make your goals a reality while becoming the most powerful, happy, and productive you’ve ever been.

Team communication & organization

The Heartbeat of Your Company — Creating an organizational structure, outlining roles & responsibilities, creating lanes to increase autonomy and job satisfaction & ownership.

filling in the gaps

Outsource Leadership Roles — Helping you navigate strategic decisions, highlighting risks and potential roadblocks, brainstorming as well as getting your ideas from your head onto paper. Instead of expanding your leadership team and giving up equity, outsource it to neutral party equally committed to your happiness as your business success.



You Are Ready.


About Kara Duffy

An entrepreneur & leader who thrives on helping you life your best life and your company thrive. Whether it’s our life goals or our business goals, so often we make them more complicated than they really are. Allow me to share my knowledge from large international corporations, starting my own companies, and coaching people to success.

I’m an accomplished strategic leader with 20 years of product, merchandising, operations, organizational, customer relations, project management and business planning experience producing results for both large global brands and local start-ups servicing the sport, fashion, action sports, non-profit, beauty, marketing and food service industries.

Experienced building: new companies/brands/teams/products, optimizing internal organizations & processes, creating & implementing go-to-market strategies, product development, sourcing, analytics, presenting to accounts, leading global & remote teams, working with high profile athletes, musicians, designers & celebrities, costing, fit & wear, product innovation and IT integrations.

Together we create a plan that achieves the objectives designed for your unique vision and brings you joy & satisfaction across your whole life. Your work, family, fun, dreams and long term goals in alignment and propelling the whole you forward.

photo by  Kendal Riley Photography


  • Founder, Powerful Ladies LLC

  • Host, The Powerful Ladies Podcast

  • Co-Founder, Hello Possibility Inc.

  • Founder, Organizational Bliss

Corporate experience:


  • MBA, Entrepreneurship & Marketing : Clark University Graduate School of Management

  • BA, Business & Culture : Clark University, NCAA Field Hockey Athlete, Captain and Scholar Athlete

  • Landmark Worldwide Curriculum for Living Graduate

  • Landmark Worldwide Communication Courses 1 & 2

  • Landmark Worldwide Self Expression & Leadership Coach & Head Coach